We are DAN Properties. We truly believe, that the foundations of the healthy life lie over the tranquility of your home and the close interaction with the nature. We put special attention into the selection of our pojects' locations, avoiding the intensity of the overcrowded areas, as well as the vanity of the very expensive ones. In close vicinity to modern education, sports, entertainment, international business… and of course, nature!

Our quality – according to the best international standards.

Turnkey homes – this is a great pleasure for us, as we understand that our clients are busy people belonging to a new type of society. They trust professionals.

Distinguishable boutique look, quietness and cosiness, mixed together in a simple concept, representing your own place. Today! On this exact day when exactly here and exactly these things are making you feel optimist. Because everything is enough to meet your expectations, no compromise, no surplus.

Not necessarily big and not necessarily expensive. Important is not the quantity, but the quality. Buy less but buy better.

The busy person in this new society is not a consumer at any cost. Active, modern, with a dynamic life and a wide range of interests, the balance between professional and personal life is their high priority. They are well informed, they do nоt just buy items, they buy lifestyle.

This applies also to the way the busy person in the new society chooses their new home to buy (or rent). Not low-budget micro-apartment. But also not too luxurious. And not overcrowded. Not noisy. Qualitative!

We – DAN Properties, accept the challenge that our projects in Europe will serve and satisfy the needs of the educated and active people, here and today.

Having you as a client will be a special honor for us!