2019, DAN Properties

The beautiful classic Altbau property was constructed in 1905. Renovations of the facades, stairwells, landscaping of the courtyard, and technical repairs to the building's infrastructure have been done in 2016 and 2017. The property is connected to the modern central district heating system. There are 22 apartments, 5 underroof penthouses and 2 commercial units on the property. Most apartments are 1 and 2 bedroom units, mostly populated by students and young professionals.

Whether you have chosen Berlin for a semester abroad, to take on an opportunistic internship or to begin your role with a promising young startup, we supply an appealing option for your new base.

We designed a new environment created for students, young professionals, interns, who want to spend a season in the beautiful city of Berlin, in a beautiful underroof penthouse, located in central and very popular residential area at a short walking distance to universities and hospitals, with plentiful transportation options.

Beautiful Co-Living apartments for young professionals
Attic rooms have a special charm, and a warm feel that seems to follow you around and help you to maintain a balance between your private life and workplace pressure. Who doesn't need an oasis of peace and relaxation to get rid of everyday stress? Welcoming apartments with a touch of romance and plenty of natural light will be a source for inspiration and harmony, invite you to enjoy some peaceful moments with friends or in privacy.

Reconstruction of the underroof spaces into penthouse apartments for rent was completed in 2019. In the attic space are built 5 separate dwellings, which provide a comfortable living environment and all necessary facilities for the future residents. A newly-built private elevator provides vertical transport to the rooftop apartments. Each apartment offers separate rooms for habitation, a common room, a kitchen, a bathroom and an outdoor terrace, and can accommodate between 1 to 3 tenants. The apartments are equipped with separate heating system, Internet, TV and intercom installations. All cosy areas below the roof slopes are fully fit-out to increase the usable spaces in the condominiums.


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